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How quickly will my child be seen?
Usually within 1-2 weeks of initial contact.

How many sessions will my child need?
The therapist will usually suggest a time frame to work towards (around 6-8 weeks/sessions) before therapy targets and progress are reviewed again. However, your child’s progress will be discussed at the end of every session

The frequency of sessions will depend on several factors including, the nature of your child’s difficulty, his/her response to therapy and the types of support available outside of the sessions.

At Little Talkers NI there is opportunity to provide regular and if necessary, intensive direct therapy.

How long will each session last?
Up to one hour. This includes direct therapy with your child and time taken to discuss progress and any queries you may have.

Can my child see an NHS Speech and Language Therapist & attend Little Talkers NI?
Yes. You are entitled to see both NHS and Independent Speech and Language Therapists. With your permission the therapists will liaise, share assessment results and therapy targets. A complementary approach to therapy will be agreed, which will ensure that your child’s best interests are met and that management is most effective.

Will the therapist talk with other professionals involved with my child?
It is very important that the therapist, again with your permission, is able to liaise with any other professionals who work with your child. These may include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Educational Psychologists, Health Visitors and Paediatricians.

How much does it cost?
Full details of our fees are available on request. All prices include administration, planning and preparation time.

Will I be able to pay through my health insurance?
Yes you can, but you must check with your insurance company first. Payment of fees is ultimately the parent or carer’s responsibility.

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